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Utilizing Dual Monitors while connecting to Mosaic Anywhere

Utilizing Dual Monitors Many users will wish to take advantage of their Dual Monitors on their local machine, please follow the steps below in order to utilize both monitors.  Please take note this will only work if the end user’s

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Using local drives while working on a Mosaic Anywhere machine

RDP Customization Adding Drives If a user would like to use their local drives while working on a Mosaic Anywhere machine they will need to follow a different set of instructions than normal Mosaic Anywhere users. The user will need

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Steps for connecting to Mosaic Anywhere

Connecting to Mosaic Anywhere: Connect to the Engineering VPN : Installing Cisco Anyconnect (https://faq.uncc.edu/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=2523220) Connect to the VPN (https://faq.uncc.edu/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=6653379) Go to Mosaic Anywhere and follow the steps: https://engrapps.uncc.edu/webapps/system-status-list If you accidentally close your connection without logging out: Type in your username

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Can’t connect to Mosaic Anywhere

If you are unable to log onto a RWS (remote workstation), this could be because you have a lock file in place. Mosaic Anywhere will not let you log into more than one RWS machine at a time. What you can do is try

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