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Waiting For Lock in ModelSim

This can be caused when a simulation stops before it finishes. How to Fix: Navigate to your working directory under “./username/linux/apps/vsim/work/” locate any files called ‘_Lock’ and remove them – you may need to exit out of ModelSim to do so.   If

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Ansys font size issue

Ansys Font Size The main problem while using Ansys in Linux is that the fonts are very small and almost unreadable. To change this, first click “Run” from the startup screen.   The workspace should look like this.   At

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CentOS 7 and Plug and Play Devices

Mosaic Linux (CentOS 7 64bit) will recognize USB thumb drives and external USB hard drives that are formatted as FAT, ext2, or ext3. At this time, Mosaic Linux supports NTFS-formatted drives.

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Linux applications don’t display correctly

Symptoms: Linux applications may display incorrectly. Weird things like axis on graphs being flipped or other weirdness. The application displays differently when run via Exceed, on console with an ATI card, or the console with an nVidia card. Solution: Open

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Instructions for running long compute jobs

These instructions are to be used if you need to run a long compute job (24hours) on Linux that requires graphical access and you do not have a local machine to camp-out on. To configure VNC for the first time,

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How to use Abaqus research license

Problem: Abaqus gives an error that the reseach license is needed or the user wants to use Abaqus for research. Solution: Abaqus on Mosaic Linux has both teaching and research licenses, but uses the teaching license by default. You can

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