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FireFox And Trend Micro Plugin Issue

Issue: Trend micro plugin does not work in Firefox Resolution: We are aware and working with ITS to resolve this issue.

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Cut, Copy, and Paste in Mozilla Firefox

By default, Firefox does not allow unprivileged scripts to Cut, Copy, or Paste text from a rich text editor.    You have to edit (or create if it doesn’t exist) the user.js file inside of your Firefox profile to enable this

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Can’t save Firefox bookmarks

Issue: When using Firefox, a user can’t save or edit bookmarks. Solution: Firefox saves its bookmarks in a file called ‘places.sqlite’ inside the Firefox profile folder.  On Mosaic, this folder should be: ‘W:\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\(profile_name). To resolve this issue, first close Firefox.  Now

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