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Installing Software for students on Personal Computers

Below is a list of available software and their respective documentation for engineering students that should help you install the software yourself. If you would like the software installed for you please visit a helpdesk and open a work order.

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Waiting For Lock in ModelSim

This can be caused when a simulation stops before it finishes. How to Fix: Navigate to your working directory under “./username/linux/apps/vsim/work/” locate any files called ‘_Lock’ and remove them – you may need to exit out of ModelSim to do so.   If

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Ansys font size issue

Ansys Font Size The main problem while using Ansys in Linux is that the fonts are very small and almost unreadable. To change this, first click “Run” from the startup screen.   The workspace should look like this.   At

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Audio Playback on Speakers and Headphones

Enable or disable audio playback on both the audio jack and the main speakers 1. Lift click on the speaker icon and choose the “mixer” option   2.Choose which input source you would like to edit. 3. Make sure you

NX Client Startup Error

Ever since the release of Linux Connectivity people started using NX Client. They get an error about a .nx folder. The error is the same as below:                   To resolve this: Start ->

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Desktop Shortcuts Not Working

Issue: A shortcut to a folder on the N: drive isn’t working or allowing anything to be saved. Resolution: Remove the shortcut to the N: drive folder and navigate to the folder by going to Start -> Computer -> N:\

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Desktop Icons Look Different

Issue: The icons on the Desktop have a gray “X” or people in the lower left-hand corner Resolution: This is an issue with the Explorer shell losing access to W:\Desktop.  The Desktop will eventually refresh itself and the icons will

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How to play DVD’s on Mosaic

There are couple of ways to play DVDs on Mosaic. You can use Windows Media Player[1] or VLC Media Player[2].   1. Start > All Programs > Windows -> Windows Media Player 2. Start > All Programs > Mosaic  > Internet > VLC Media Player Once

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CentOS 7 and Plug and Play Devices

Mosaic Linux (CentOS 7 64bit) will recognize USB thumb drives and external USB hard drives that are formatted as FAT, ext2, or ext3. At this time, Mosaic Linux supports NTFS-formatted drives.

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