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Installing Software for students on Personal Computers

Below is a list of available software and their respective documentation for engineering students that should help you install the software yourself. If you would like the software installed for you please visit a helpdesk and open a work order.

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Shared Folders

Shared folders will need a ticket. If adding a user to an already made shared folder, make a ticket here: If making a new shared folder, make a ticket here:

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Default Autorecover Location in Microsoft Office

When using a Microsoft Office product it is possible that a user will not save their file. This can be caused by either system issues or the user not saving their files prior to shut down. Office has a built

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Changing the Default save Location in Microsoft Office Products

Most computer users are used to having their documents automatically saved to the My Documents folder on their personal computers. At Mosaic the default folder for the Microsoft Office products is not the My Documents folder but instead the apps

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Printing a file from a Citrix application

In order to print from Citrix you must first map your ITS drive to your Mosaic machine. This can be done by by navigating to Start -> All Programs -> Mosaic -> My Storage -> ITS Drive Manager. Once the application opens,

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Adobe Reader & Compatibility only officially supports Adobe Reader 9.0.0 or later. Should you encounter any errors reading PDFs, There are a couple of workarounds for this issue. Open the PDF using Internet Explorer and the PDF should open without a problem in Adobe

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Revit MEP 2011

Issue: Hardware acceleration not available on RWS machines. Impact: Software has to emulate graphics which could result in a loss of performance.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D

Issue: Google Earth is not loading correctly in AutoCAD Civil 3D Resolution: Make sure that Google Earth is running and that you have let AutoCAD run the setup.  If it still doesn’t work, restart both AutoCAD and Google Earth

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Audio Playback on Speakers and Headphones

Enable or disable audio playback on both the audio jack and the main speakers 1. Lift click on the speaker icon and choose the “mixer” option   2.Choose which input source you would like to edit. 3. Make sure you