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Installing Software for students on Personal Computers

Below is a list of available software and their respective documentation for engineering students that should help you install the software yourself. If you would like the software installed for you please visit a helpdesk and open a work order.

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Ansys font size issue

Ansys Font Size The main problem while using Ansys in Linux is that the fonts are very small and almost unreadable. To change this, first click “Run” from the startup screen.   The workspace should look like this.   At

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Agilent ADS fails to run

Agilent complains that the system clock has been rolled back and this causes ADS  to refuse to run when there is a file in the  /tmp  directory with a timestamp that is too far in the future. We are not

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AutoCAD Civil 3D

Issue: Google Earth is not loading correctly in AutoCAD Civil 3D Resolution: Make sure that Google Earth is running and that you have let AutoCAD run the setup.  If it still doesn’t work, restart both AutoCAD and Google Earth

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Lecture Capture Help

Dealing with Audio Problems: 1. Make sure the Microphone volume is high. (Master volume properties > Recording > OK)   2. Make sure that the Professor is not speaking softly. 3. There are hardware issues that are currently being looked into by

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Cannot Open .VHD Files in Modelsim

Modelsim is picky about saving projects. If you first open .vhd files from a certain location such desktop, you must leave them there for Modelsim to keep recognizing them. After you edit these files and save your project, do not

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Using the SolidWorks Toolbox on Mosaic

This document will guide you through the process of copying and modifying the SolidWorks Toolbox on your Mosaic account.  You can follow these instructions for using the Toolbox on a flash drive as well, but you will need to substitute

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How to use Abaqus research license

Problem: Abaqus gives an error that the reseach license is needed or the user wants to use Abaqus for research. Solution: Abaqus on Mosaic Linux has both teaching and research licenses, but uses the teaching license by default. You can

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