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Utilizing Dual Monitors while connecting to Mosaic Anywhere

Utilizing Dual Monitors Many users will wish to take advantage of their Dual Monitors on their local machine, please follow the steps below in order to utilize both monitors.  Please take note this will only work if the end user’s

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Using local drives while working on a Mosaic Anywhere machine

RDP Customization Adding Drives If a user would like to use their local drives while working on a Mosaic Anywhere machine they will need to follow a different set of instructions than normal Mosaic Anywhere users. The user will need

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Steps for connecting to Mosaic Anywhere

Connecting to Mosaic Anywhere: Connect to the Engineering VPN : Installing Cisco Anyconnect ( Connect to the VPN ( Go to Mosaic Anywhere and follow the steps: If you accidentally close your connection without logging out: Type in your username

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Using Citrix with dual monitors

There may be times when using Citrix for applications such as Banner and SAM that you will want to see them on two separate monitors.  The following will describe how to do this.   Monitor Resolution settings: One problem that

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Google Chrome Menu Bar

Issue: cannot see the menu bars in Google Chrome like I did in Windows Internet Explorer Resolution: Google Chrome doesn’t have a menu bar, all of those actions can be done from the “list”  icon on the upper right next

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Audio Playback on Speakers and Headphones

Enable or disable audio playback on both the audio jack and the main speakers 1. Lift click on the speaker icon and choose the “mixer” option   2.Choose which input source you would like to edit. 3. Make sure you

Desktop Shortcuts Not Working

Issue: A shortcut to a folder on the N: drive isn’t working or allowing anything to be saved. Resolution: Remove the shortcut to the N: drive folder and navigate to the folder by going to Start -> Computer -> N:\

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How Cloud Storage can affect your Mosaic computing experience

Not all Cloud Storage providers behave well on Mosaic when a Mosaic user tries to use cloud storage and take advantage of features such as file sharing and local synching. If you want to synch the data files and folders

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ArcMap Tools/Extensions – ‘No Licences Available..’

If you are receiving a similar error message, You will need to enable any extensions you would like to use in ArcMap. Navigate to Customize > Extensions… > then check the feature you wish to enable.  

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Error Message In Google Chrome

Issue:  Every time I start Chrome  I see multiple of the following messages:               Resolution: Close Chrome Delete the ‘Web Data’ file from W:\AppData\Roaming\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default Reopen Chrome

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