Steps for connecting to Mosaic Anywhere

Connecting to Mosaic Anywhere:

  1. Connect to the Engineering VPN :
    1. Installing Cisco Anyconnect (
    2. Connect to the VPN (
  2. Select a Mosaic Anywhere server server from here:
  3. Connect to a RWS
    1. If you just want to quickly connect to a random workstation click Quick Connect
    2. If you want to customize the UI, click on RWS number and customize the connection
  4. Click connect
  5. A file will be downloaded, click on the file
  6. A window will open, click connect.
    1. Publisher of this remote connection cant be identified…
  7. Another window will open up, Click Yes
  8. Log in

If you accidentally close your connection without logging out:

  1. Type in your username on the top right text box
  2. Click Reconnect disconnected session
  3. Customize the connection
  4. Click Connect
  5. Follow above steps 5 – 8

Connecting using a MAC

  1. Google search “Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac”
    1. The current version is (2.1.1):
  2. After installing the program in the previous step, you will now be able to open .rdp files from OSX.

If you own a PC you can go to

Then click on “Click Here for Windows 7 Mosaic Anywhere System Status List” which is located right after the first paragraph.

One you are on the webpage you can click on any of the icons to connect to that computer and press connect button twice. If u do not have a preference then you can click “quick connect” on the top left corner.

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