Using Citrix with dual monitors

There may be times when using Citrix for applications such as Banner and SAM that you will want to see them on two separate monitors.  The following will describe how to do this.


Monitor Resolution settings:

One problem that may cause this is your monitor’s resolution.  In order to check this, change your resolution to 1020 x768.  To change your screen’s resolution, please follow these steps.


  • Right mouse click on your desktop
  • Choose “Properties”
  • Choose “Settings”
  • Highlight “Monitor 1”
  • Under the “Screen Resolution” move the arrow left or right until 1024 x 768 is displayed
  • Click “Apply”
  • When asked “Do you want to keep these settings?” Choose Yes
  • Follow the same steps mentioned above for “Monitor 2”
  • Click “OK”


Once this is completed, you should be able to open an application in Citrix and “drag” it to the other monitor.


Full Screen mode:

If lowering the screen resolution does not work, or if you do not like the look of your display, you can switch the application from Seamless mode into Full Screen mode.  To do this, press the Shift key and F2 simultaneously.  The application should now appear to be in a blue box, this is called the Citrix online plug-in.



You can now drag the Citrix online plug-in to whichever screen you would like the application to be viewed on.  If you would like the application itself to be bigger, simply click the maximize button on the application and it will fill the entire screen.


To move the application to another screen you can simply press Shift + F2 again or drag the Citrix online plug-in to the other screen.  To close the application, you can click the “X” on the Citrix window and it will close.



If you have tried both of these solutions and neither one has worked for you, please feel free to contact or come by the Mosaic Help Desk in Smith 226.  Our number is 704-687-5080 and our email is

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