Month: August 2016

Waiting For Lock in ModelSim

This can be caused when a simulation stops before it finishes. How to Fix: Navigate to your working directory under “./username/linux/apps/vsim/work/” locate any files called ‘_Lock’ and remove them – you may need to exit out of ModelSim to do so.   If

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Printing a file from a Citrix application

In order to print from Citrix you must first map your ITS drive to your Mosaic machine. This can be done by by navigating to Start -> All Programs -> Mosaic -> My Storage -> ITS Drive Manager. Once the application opens,

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Testing of Linking to external documents inside WordPress

This is how you place a link to a document instead of copying it from Word.  First save the document as a PDF; then upload it to WordPress using the Upload/Inset option above the editor tool pallet.  Typically you select

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Ansys font size issue

Ansys Font Size The main problem while using Ansys in Linux is that the fonts are very small and almost unreadable. To change this, first click “Run” from the startup screen.   The workspace should look like this.   At

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Agilent ADS fails to run

Agilent complains that the system clock has been rolled back and this causes ADS  to refuse to run when there is a file in the  /tmp  directory with a timestamp that is too far in the future. We are not

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Web Sites Mysteriously Logs The User Off

Authenticated Web sites like the Gmail web app and will cause any web site using http authentication to log off when the logoff feature is used. Specifically, logging out of Filedrawers or OWA will cause the user to logout of

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File Drawer – Uploading and downloading file time limit and size limit

Uploading: There is a 4 hour maximum time limit right now. The size upload limit is 2GB.   Downloading: Files have a limit of 4 hours. There is no size limit, but local limits like the 2GB file size limit

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Adobe Reader & Compatibility only officially supports Adobe Reader 9.0.0 or later. Should you encounter any errors reading PDFs, There are a couple of workarounds for this issue. Open the PDF using Internet Explorer and the PDF should open without a problem in Adobe

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Using Citrix with dual monitors

There may be times when using Citrix for applications such as Banner and SAM that you will want to see them on two separate monitors.  The following will describe how to do this.   Monitor Resolution settings: One problem that

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Revit MEP 2011

Issue: Hardware acceleration not available on RWS machines. Impact: Software has to emulate graphics which could result in a loss of performance.

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