Mosaic User Disk Quota

In the College of Engineering, undergraduate students are allotted 2 GB of disk space, while graduate students, COE faculty, and staff are allotted 6 GB on their Mosaic accounts. Various things will take up this allotted space, such as files saved to the account, Outlook files, and temporary files.

Often times Mosaic users will have a large percentage of their quota used, but no files they have saved to their account. This can be caused by temporary files that are downloaded when using the Internet and other programs.

To reduce your used space, you may utilize the Disk Quota Manager on the Mosaic Windows 7 system, the location is listed below.

Start > All Programs > Mosaic > Manage my Account > Disk Quota Manager 

This program will search your Windows 7, XP and Linux profiles and will allow you to delete any unnecessary or temporary files. For further instructions on the program, open the disk quota manager from the path listed above, and click the “?” in the top right corner, then click “Help”. A PDF will come up with more details.

More information on disk quota can be found here: