Lecture Capture Help

Dealing with Audio Problems:

1. Make sure the Microphone volume is high. (Master volume properties > Recording > OK)


2. Make sure that the Professor is not speaking softly.

3. There are hardware issues that are currently being looked into by the Mosaic staff.

Dealing with “Camera and floormat triggering problems”

1. The best advice would to make sure that the professor is stepping in the centor of the mat. (Refer to picture)


2. If you experience any odd behavior, please contact ITS via x73100, option 3, or the red button the podium.

Problems with the Polycom camera in Smith 202

1. Lighting suggestions – The more light the better. The lecture will be harder to view if the lights obove the board are not on during the lecture.

2. Marker color suggestions

– The newer the better

– Suggested markers in this order: black, blue, red, green (yellow is not adviseable)

3. Clothing suggestions – Darker clothes are better and show up better on camera. Lighter colors tend to look “cartoon-like” or “pastel”.

Further tips can be found at (Start > All Programs > Mosaic XP > Lecture Capture > Panopto > Help Documentation > Panopto Help)

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