Month: July 2016

Lecture Capture Help

Dealing with Audio Problems: 1. Make sure the Microphone volume is high. (Master volume properties > Recording > OK)   2. Make sure that the Professor is not speaking softly. 3. There are hardware issues that are currently being looked into by

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How Cloud Storage can affect your Mosaic computing experience

Not all Cloud Storage providers behave well on Mosaic when a Mosaic user tries to use cloud storage and take advantage of features such as file sharing and local synching. If you want to synch the data files and folders

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How to play DVD’s on Mosaic

There are couple of ways to play DVDs on Mosaic. You can use Windows Media Player[1] or VLC Media Player[2].   1. Start > All Programs > Windows -> Windows Media Player 2. Start > All Programs > Mosaic  > Internet > VLC Media Player Once

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Force Ejecting CD from iMac

In order to force an iMac to eject a CD, hold the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously during start-up. This should eject a stuck CD if no other method has worked.

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CentOS 7 and Plug and Play Devices

Mosaic Linux (CentOS 7 64bit) will recognize USB thumb drives and external USB hard drives that are formatted as FAT, ext2, or ext3. At this time, Mosaic Linux supports NTFS-formatted drives.

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Cannot Open .VHD Files in Modelsim

Modelsim is picky about saving projects. If you first open .vhd files from a certain location such desktop, you must leave them there for Modelsim to keep recognizing them. After you edit these files and save your project, do not

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Scanning Instructions

How to Scan:   Start > Control Panel > Hardware and sound > Devices and printers Once here, there is an icon that is a scanner. Right click the scanner and select Adobe/Acrobat. Select the device that is being used.

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Desktop Background Changes

Issue: The background image for the desktop switches to another one at random times. Resolution: Reset the background through the Personalize option by right-clicking on the desktop.

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.7z Files Are Not Being Recognized

Issue: .7z files are not being associated correctly Resolution: Open 7-Zip (Start -> All Programs -> Mosaic -> Windows 7 Utilities  -> 7-Zip -> 7-Zip File Manager) and select “Tools -> Options”.  Next, click on the plus (+) button under

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