Month: July 2011

Can’t edit Endnote styles

This is what endnote says about accessing styles “Accessing Styles in Other Places The Style Manager displays only the styles in the chosen styles folder. Only styles from one folder can be displayed in the Styles menu at any given

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Cadence Knowledge Base

Cadence offers read-only accounts on their support web site. These accounts offer access to the knowledgebase and online manuals. These accounts may NOT file support requests.   Here is the information and restrictions for the accounts:   Reference Key for

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KDE Audio Initialization Issue

The audio initialization issue can be resolved by using the KDE Menu, then opening the Control Center, Expanding the “Sound & Multimedia” tree and selecting the “Sound System” configuration, then unchecking “Enable the sound system” and this will resolve the

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Instructions for running long compute jobs

These instructions are to be used if you need to run a long compute job (24hours) on Linux that requires graphical access and you do not have a local machine to camp-out on. To configure VNC for the first time,

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How to use Abaqus research license

Problem: Abaqus gives an error that the reseach license is needed or the user wants to use Abaqus for research. Solution: Abaqus on Mosaic Linux has both teaching and research licenses, but uses the teaching license by default. You can

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