Windows 10 Mosaic Anywhere

You may be viewing this webpage from off-campus and not using the UNC Charlotte VPN

Use the Cisco VPN client to connect to campus.

Then you will be able to use Mosaic Anywhere.

When off-campus, first use Cisco VPN client to connect to campus. VPN Help.
Mosaic Applications list
00 Total, 00 Available, 00 Occupied



Double-Click on the downloaded RDP file. This RDP file contains the information necessary to connect you to Mosaic Anywhere.

Once downloaded, double click the RDP file to have it open the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) program.

It will connect you to a specific Mosaic Anywhere machine and allow you to login.

If you already have an open Mosaic Anywhere session, it will re-connect you to it, if not, it will use a new machine to start a new one.